Patience, Young Grasshopper

Learning and Living the Dream

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The importance of learning how to code is becoming more clear to me every single day. Sure, the promise of a nice cozy job at a tech company is appealing, but its really missing on a really important reason to know how to code.

Pick Your Own Adventure

One takeway from the Object labs is that information coming from a website will always have to be picked apart, and more often than not, every time you do, its going to need a different process. Though its safe to say that the Email Parser is a good starter example simply because we know what to expect from an email address/how the naming structure typically will be, the Anagram Detector suggests that even if the info coming in is intentionally scrambled, there are algorithms to output more legible information.

Abstraction for Legibility and Adaptation

An important concept around variables and methods is the idea of using abstraction when writing code. Abstraction in writing code allows for creating a legible interface when reading and modifying code. It’s like condensing code to its purest form, minimizing repetitions by using class readers. The Advanced Class Methods lesson explains that the lowest level of abstraction is simply calling a variable in order to expose data. A more refined way to do so its to call on a class itself using #self. The example given was using #self.all to read the contents of an array as opposed to calling the class variable @@all directly. By using the former instead of the latter, if the name of the class variable needs to change, you only need to go to one place to do so.

Website Playground

As a beginner, its good to check out websites that you really like the layout of and imitate them. And so by going to your favorite website and playing around with it through the inspect option, you can change the logo image or font style, while becoming more familiar with the terminology and the structure of the HTML and CSS files that make up the site itself.

Working Together

For this lesson, I worked through most of it with another learn student through the chat box.